Greetings! I’m Melchee, and I’m grateful for your visit to my site! My life’s journey has been grounded in faith and grace and love. I’m a wife, daughter, aunt, sister, and friend, and above all, a child of the Most High.

I expanded the New Day work line in March 2018 to, simply put, do the things I just enjoy doing! I share my heart and love for words through the New Day blog, and work and serve in community in ways that are meaningful to me. I’m humbled to be used of God in such a way.

If you’re interested, my 2020 focus verse, in part, is Hosea 10:12:

For it is the time to seek the Lord . . . (ESV‬‬)

This is the season for drawing nigh to God, and I’m committed to doing my part for His purpose.

Come back to see what we’re talking about, and join the conversation!

revised January 2020

17 Replies to “about”

  1. Love it!!! Congratulations for your first Post and being guided by the Holy Spirit.So many times we need daily meditation to keep us encouraged and to know each day is a New Day for Change,another chance for life and the great things we can achieve.Proud of you…My Daughter!! GOD is working🙌🙌

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