SPECIAL POST: 2020 Forward

2020 Forward may sound like a campaign slogan, but that’s where I am purpose-wise . . .

New Day is dedicated to serving the needs of the community. That’s nothing new, and that remains our mission: to love God and love and serve His people. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and with recent national unrest due to the senseless deaths of Black Americans at the hands of a racist America, our commitment is forward. This space will continue to offer resources to help, whether it’s food for families, aids for spiritual healing, or general awareness of agencies and causes to which you can donate as we navigate these times. Use the links below for more details:

View the revised statement of purpose on the home page here.

Local Support + COVID-19 Assistance. For those in the Triangle NC region, this page provides a list of resources for needs in our local community.

Faith and Spiritual Resources. This page houses a growing list of books, studies, etc., for your needs spiritually. Black Lives Matter resources are included under this heading.

Now’s the time to act and join the worldwide mission to build God’s kingdom. Stay grounded in His truth and lift His great name in whatever your part is. 2020 Forward . . .

4 Replies to “SPECIAL POST: 2020 Forward”

  1. I enjoy reading your posts Melchee. So heartfelt and community driven. Thank you for being a woman of God and community activist!

    Hey virtual lunch soon


    1. Never disappointing! Inspired by your willingness to change to suit not only your community of followers but your faith and walk with God. Go ‘head Sis! Gooooooo ‘head! 😊😁


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