back to basics

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven . . . Ecclesiastes 3:1

We are truly living in some interesting times, aren’t we? I never would have imagined self-isolating on my birthday, but that’s what this year’s special day brought! I didn’t complain and was thankful in all, and enjoyed lots of texts and calls and sweet wishes from family and friends. Despite it all, God is faithful and good, and I had a wonderful day.

Here in my birthday season, a theme, if you will, I’ve sensed in this 48th year is back to basics. And by basics, I mean the spiritual disciplines that are the foundation of a believer’s walk and pursuit of knowing God. Not that I’d forsaken those things—daily prayer, Bible reading and study, fasting, other readings and resources I turn to—but it seemed God lifted those areas to my attention. I committed to giving special care to them, and am thankful He keeps a watchful eye over my needs and the needs of His children. He knows His purpose.

So in the spirit of my back to basics theme, and in continued celebration of a few of the women who inspire my journey (see my previous post), here’s a small sharing of what’s aided my commitment to God’s leading . . .

>Regarding the “other resources” I mentioned above, I do enjoy listening to Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s Therapy for Black Girls Podcast, the episodes of which cover everything from the challenges black women face in leadership to managing stress and anxiety. Not necessarily Christian-focused, but definitely positive and helpful in my back to basics pursuit. I particularly liked the “Protect Your Dream” episode which you can access through the link in the title just above. One tip: “Do the actual work of your dream.”

>Kim Cash Tate has a few new teachings on her YouTube channel, including 5 Things to Stop Clinging To, and the latest video from her teaching on the book of Revelation. Click here for her full series.

>I recently completed Dust & Divinity, a study of Genesis chapters 1—11 by Bible teacher Antracia Moorings. What a wonderful time in the Word, learning and growing in an understanding of who God is as Creator. Visit Antracia’s website to access the study and her Unfolding Words weekly podcast.

Credit: Unfolding Words on Instagram

>On a more personal level, I’m so thankful for my sister LaWana’s recent decision to rededicate to the church! She openly admits how easy it’d become to be an active member of Bedside Baptist (how many can relate?), missing weekly fellowship and the Word preached in person (before quarantine orders). But won’t God get you right back on track? That’s what back to basics is all about!

Thank you for indulging me! I pray you and your family are healthy and safe. And hey, let me know what you’re reading/studying/listening to!

6 Replies to “back to basics”

  1. Melchee this is so inspiring!
    Yes I think when this pandemic is over we all need to go back to the basics. That is why I loved the song ” Let us all go back to the ole time way”. Keep writing and encouraging others! Love the Tate family!

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  2. Awwwww thanks sis! As I said on that Sunday God is aware that we can now get “the word” online almost any day of the week. But His word says that we should gather together with our brothers and sisters to give praise to Him. So it’s an obedience thing and that is what He finally got me to see. That is where we get our strength. I hear you Lord! Thank you for another great post! And mentioning little ol’ me! Is du moday! 😉

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