“My heart’s desires”: Danielle Moore shares why she’s not “less than” as a stay-at-home mom of nine

It’s my birthday month! If the Lord wills, I’ll see 48 on the 16th! And here on the New Day blog, one of my favorite things to do around my birthday time (and any time, as you know) is to feature the stories of people whose journeys of faith have encouraged and inspired me in my own walk. Danielle Moore is first on the list this year. . .

As highlighted in her Instagram bio, Danielle is saved by grace, lover of the Lord, and married to her bestie Cody, my cousin. I don’t get to see them much, but thankfully, social media keeps us connected. The rest of Danielle’s bio, which is the focus of this post, reads simply, mommy to 9. You read that right: NINE. Hands full. Cody’s grandmother, my great “Aunt Bet,” raised a similarly large family, so one could say the apple didn’t fall too far in the family tree there. . .

On social, Danielle constantly shares a candid perspective of what it means to live as a woman of faith, balancing life as a wife and stay-at-home mom to nine. Her joy is found in the faces of those God has entrusted to her, and she doesn’t take the calling lightly. In a recent Instagram post, Danielle makes it plain in that her choice to serve family is by no means any less of a role than any other “job.” She encourages other moms, and even those of us who aren’t moms, to honor God wherever we are and trust Him in it all. With her permission, here’s the full post. I pray you are blessed by it as I was.

My heart’s desires | “I never imagined I’d be a STAHM of NINE kiddos. The fact that I owe thousands of dollars in student loans should be proof of that. Sure, I wanted your average 2-3 kids, but I just KNEW I wanted to be a doctor, until one day my hatred of school outweighed my love of medical science. So I decided to become a nurse—still in the medical field but less school. Then I became pregnant with M and God shaped my heart’s desires into new ones. I wanted to be home with her and for her and my husband. After baby 2, that desire grew. Then baby 3 was coming, and fear of financial turmoil crept in and clouded the call God placed on our hearts. So I became a teacher and worked for three years, and as soon as we had contemplated putting M in school for the first few years, “just so we could knock out some financial goals,” I became pregnant with babies 4 & 5. Before you ask, YES, we know how that happens!😉

I’m just a girl | “Let me say, God is sovereign, y’all! My entire check would have gone to childcare for five kids, so back home I went. God has called us to homeschool, for Cody to be the sole monetary provider (I got a couple of side hustles though😄), and for me to be the home keeper. But make no mistake, I AM NO Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker/Joanna Gaines. I’m also not Mary Poppins, the most patient and cheerful person, or have a PhD in education. I am ALSO not an unintelligent woman who lacks strength because I don’t have a “real job.” I don’t lack passion or drive because I don’t have a bunch of business goals. If I HAD to enter the workforce, I’d be just as capable as any other. I’m just a girl, wanting to honor God by being the best wife to my husband and mother to these beautiful faces.

Not less than | “So, to encourage other women, I just want to throw this out there: You can have a degree that you earned with a pretty darn good GPA and still desire to “just” stay at home to serve your family. That does not make you weak, unintelligent, naive, less than, and any other synonym today’s society may throw at you because of your choices. I am happy, fulfilled, and have not lost myself. I know so many women who are AMAZING at their full-time/part-time/out of the home/in the home jobs, and they are KILLING it and still loving their families well, and I applaud them! I also stand with them, with my head held high, because choosing this for our family doesn’t make me less than.”

To follow Danielle’s journey on Instagram, click here. Photo taken by Dear Marlowe.

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