walk by faith

I read a post on social media last week that’s tied to a particular prayer I’m lifting. The post’s words seemed to point in the opposite direction of where I hope the answer to the prayer will settle. I heeded it as such, and just about had a meltdown! Doubt stormed in, and I was crushed, worried, and defeated. I heard the answer as if it thundered from heaven: NO! DONE! OVER!

But that moment of temporary weakness was all me. I can’t even blame it on Satan’s tricks. God *ain’t said* no to nothing (yet). In fact, He continues to order that I keep praying. I let what I saw in that post—just two short sentences—dictate my faith. But thank God, He’s merciful. He quickly returned my focus to Himself and the purpose to which my prayer is tied. Back on track…

Friends, this post’s message is simple: Don’t let what you see determine what you believe. If the Lord has led you to hope in something (and God will give you His desires for His purposes and will, anyway), keep the faith. God will see it through, and we have no reason to doubt Him. I don’t know what you’re believing God for in 2020, but stay in the Word, keep praying, and know God will deliver! Expect manifestation!

**And take a quick lesson from me: Take a break from social media! It’s too noisy sometimes (even the positive things) and can interfere with focused prayer and study. Facebook can wait!

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 ESV

Credit: Unsplash

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