the best of New Day pt. II

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! 1 Chronicles 16:34 ESV

As you read in my last post, January will mark five years since I launched the New Day blog. I’m grateful for all the Lord has allowed through this space!

I’ve enjoyed looking back at older posts, and decided to share a few “best of” to celebrate my blog anniversary. Thanks for reading these next few, and thanks for supporting New Day!

>>what’s stopping you? | one of my first posts to kick off 2019, encouraging us all to pick up our God assignments . . .

>>11/18 grateful friday pt. II | in my miscarriage season, a friend suggested a Bible verse challenge which benefitted and blessed me greatly . . .

>>birthday favorites, v. 47 | some inspiration from an entrepreneur friend, books, and small favorites at my 47th birthday . . .

>>cling conference: choosing a lifestyle of intimacy with God | Author and Bible teacher Kim Cash Tate’s Cling Conference in 2018 was a highlight of the year. Such an awesome time in the Lord . . .

>>bless up | one of my favorite short posts with a simple message to give to win . . .

There are so many other favorite posts for me here on New Day, not because I wrote them, but even for me and to me, God was speaking. If He wills, I pledge to keep using my gifts to honor Him and serve and help others in this space! Hope you’ll stick around!

The best of New Day series is made possible through the generosity of LaWana Tate. Thank you for sponsoring!

credit: CREATEHER Stock

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