in an instant…

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9

So far, this year has seen its share of unexpectancies. I didn’t think I’d start the year still in pain from sciatica. It’s December onset was sudden, but after a spinal steroid injection earlier this month, so was it’s end. Just like that…

At the writing of this post, my mom is just home from the hospital after being in ICU as a result of a fall and a very hard hit to her head. One minute she was fine, and the next, was headed to ER by ambulance. Never saw it coming…

As part of my work line, I’d offered my nonprofit support services in a temporary role to a certain department at my alma mater. I’d expected to be there just over a month, but out of the blue, that temporary situation changed, and it looks like I’ll be staying on long-term. When God says…

My point? YOU NEVER KNOW. In an instant, life can change. Or so it seems. In His infinite wisdom, God is constantly, perfectly, at work. He orders, opens, closes, establishes, all as He sees fit. We can always trust His hand to call it all to be.

Instantly and suddenly are His way, but great is the Lord constantly, and that’s fine with me.

In what way have you seen the Lord work a “suddenly” in your life?

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