three down . . .

Count it all joy . . . James 1:2

At the end of January, I made a “top 10” post on Instagram highlighting the month’s standouts in 2019’s start. I continued that in February and March, and it’s been a fun exercise. It’s been helpful to look back and see the Lord’s hand at work in my life–what He’s allowed me to see and know and do. Looking forward to posting each month going forward.

With three full months now under my belt, thought I’d pause here and highlight my BIG three for the year so far, pausing not to boast, but to truly show thanks for all that’s come my way. A lot of it has been painful and a lot has not, but it’s all been good, and God has purpose in everything. So I’ll continue, by His grace, to fully engage in my faith walk, discovering with joy what He has in store.

So here are my TOP top three:

What’s been painful | Pinched nerve, sciatica, and piriformis syndrome. If you’ve ever dealt with these, you know why I say painful. And if you follow me on Instagram and have read my “top 10” lists, they have made the cut each time. But in the pain, thank God, He’s kept me in praise mode. I’ve been thankful for it all. I have to say I haven’t understood God’s specific purpose in it, but I’ve learned that when we say we’re ready to receive all God has for us, we better be ready. We forget He might actually allow hurt and pain. If we don’t ever know why, He does, and I rest in that.

As of the writing of this post, I’m waiting for an appointment with a spine specialist for recommendation for treatment moving forward. But God’s already got it. He’s the healer and always has been! I’d rather have had this pain taken away on day one, but with Jesus, not my will, but God’s be done. Rejoice in the pain, praise Him in the suffering, always stay praying.

What I’ve celebrated | The Melchee Johnson | New Day work line. Guess what turned ONE this year??!! Ohh I’m so thankful for the vision and continued passion to pursue this calling, to have a mission to serve and give. The Lord will place you where He wants and needs you, activating the unique gifts He’s set within you, all to help others and glorify Him. When I began to hear His voice back in August 2017, I committed, I prayed, and I embraced what I was sensing and what was being designed. I continue to seek His face for what He’d have the work line be. It’s not about a number of followers or a stage and who’s on it. It’s about being obedient to God’s call (and it must be His) to fulfill the work of the kingdom. Praise Him for all the good things He’s done!

Fun and new things | From taking in an Ernie Barnes exhibit to attending a local baking class, there have been some great times in my path these first three months! It’s been a goal of mine to do more and experience new things, and these, as examples, have not disappointed. Sometimes you need an outlet to unplug from it all, and I’ll continue to be intentional about this area of my life.

Well, that’s it for me! What are your top three of 2019 so far?

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