“dream big, darling”

For I know the plans I have for you . . . Jeremiah 29:11

Hey HEY!!

The Melchee Johnson | New Day work line is ONE today!!! I LAUNCHED MY OWN BUSINESS ONE YEAR AGO. What an awesome journey this year has been!!!

When God gave the vision, I dared to dream. I went for it. I looked back only to learn. Pressed forward, eyes fixed: “Fueling faith, building community, impacting life.” That’s where I landed.

Was every day easy? No. Did I ever want to throw in the towel? Sure did. But did I believe God was greater than those hard days and the fear and doubt? Yep. And here I am. Here I stand in the place He made for me. A path to glorify Him and to love and serve others.

For me, I believe the best is yet to come. And you’re invited to be part! We ALL can share faith and give back, helping others in need. Community is for ALL. Do good things with what you have, and do the good on purpose. Let’s dream big together, loves, and make TREMENDOUS difference where it truly matters!

Follow the journey here on the New Day blog and at melcheejohnson.com. And if you’re so led, support this work with a financial investment. Details here, and thank you for your partnership!

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