things I’m excited about for 2019

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord . . . Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

So much to be, do, and see this year. I’m ready–you?

On being |

I thank God EVERY day, EVERY year for His work in me to fashion me into me–His version. I know that work will continue into these new days. His pleasure, I believe, is to find within His children willing vessels, surrendered to His will and way, being the children He’s called us to be. I’m beyond grateful for that because my life could be under sin’s control. Sitting still and letting the uncovering, establishing, settling, learning, and being happen.

On doing |

The Melchee Johnson | New Day work line is poised for good works this year! I’m excited for collaborations already underway–from events focused around ministry and nonprofit work, to a few editorial projects with some very talented authors, to featuring here on New Day some fabulous friends and their missions to do good. I hope you’ll follow along!

-On a more personal level, a very high “do” is taking care of my health. Forty-seven will be knocking soon, and I want to stay in the best shape possible as I head to 50 (!!) in a few years.

-Also and ALWAYS, I look forward to fun times spent with family and friends, and just experiencing new things.

On seeing |

-Have y’all seen the previews? The Lion King, Aladdin, and Overcomer at the movies this year? Can’t wait!

-I’m excited to see kingdom work projects that will unfold this year and all the Lord will do through the lives and ministries of friends in Christ. Chrystal Evans Hurst will be back in NC in March (in time for my birthday!), and yes ma’am, I’ll be there! (Her sister Priscilla Shirer stars in the Overcomer movie I mentioned above . . .)

-And speaking of new things, hoping to travel with the hubby to Colorado for the first time to see nature in all its beauty.

With all that I’ve plotted, I know it’s God who ultimately orders my steps. I pray for a willing spirit to go where He leads.

What are YOU excited about?

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