2018’s big highlights and lessons + looking ahead to ‘19

The Lord has made me lie down in green pastures. He’s led me to still waters, and restored my soul… Psalm 23

Ok, so I know 2018 isn’t over (though you’d think it’s close with Christmas displays already up in some stores–huh??), but here at the end of my blogging year, I’m pausing to celebrate the year’s many blessings, its goodness, establishing, joys, and even its hard times. Heading into the year, I sensed it would be banner. Never did I imagine how much so…

business |

The Melchee Johnson | New Day work line is the highlight of my year! I’m thankful for the vision not just to become a freelancer, but to build and be part of something exciting and personally meaningful. I get to work with some super nonprofit agencies dedicated to serving and helping others; I get to meet community friends who are the true champions of impact and support their work; I get to assist talented writers and creatives in bringing their own visions and dreams to life; and most of all and in it all, I get to see God’s grace abound. So grateful! (Read more about my work here.)

Here on the blog, New Day will get a makeover next year and will feature interviews with some of my favorite authors, Bible teachers, creatives, entertainers, and everyday heroes who’ve inspired my own path. Can’t wait for you to meet my friends!

**business lesson learned: Follow the vision as it’s given. Don’t let anyone talk you into something you know isn’t meant for you and hasn’t been designed for you. While my work may be a bit hard to understand, it’s what I’m called to, and I enjoy it!

spiritual investment |

From Kim Cash Tate’s Cling Conference in June to a read of Chrystal Evans Hurst’s She’s Still There, God has given me so much life through His Word this year. I didn’t realize how thirsty and needful I was of His pouring into me. Thank God for His “uncovering” work, showing me me, cleaning me up from the inside out, teaching me I don’t have to behave like the world.

I pray for continued fervor to seek after the things of God in the new year and to not lose my appetite for His Word. The investments are more than worth it.

**spiritual investment lesson learned: Pace yourself! Can’t be at every conference or follow every online study. For 2019, I’ll do an even better job of listening for what I need.

personal |

I don’t see what I’ve stated so far as not being personal (it’s ALL who I am), but outside of those things intrinsically, I’ve enjoyed some fun times with family and friends this year. From cookouts and birthday celebrations to girls nights out, I’d say my soul has been satisfied ten times over!

My family and I have seen our share of health issues this year, including my dad’s prostate cancer diagnosis and my husband’s adult onset diabetes. Through it all, God has been faithful, and we’ll continue to trust Him to make us whole and well.

Hurricane Florence was personal just recently to those of us who experienced it. The flooding, folks in shelters, loss of life–it was rough for some. But God is good. We came together as a community to help each other (still doing so), and that’s what it’s all about.

**personal lesson learned: It matters that you give, and I believe it matters what and how you give. Serve and help, pray for others, and do so with gladness.

2019 |

So with this blog post, I’m closing up shop for 2018, and will focus these last few months on mapping out things for next year. I believe the Lord is going to do even MORE incredible things in our midst in 2019, and I want to be present for my part. Time to do the work, and I mean really do the work, friends. Too much is at stake.

Thank you all so much for your support this year! I truly appreciate your engagement. If it’s God’s will, I’ll see you back here in January. In the meantime, let’s stay in touch on social.

Be blessed!

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