guest post: on asking and receiving

So as of recent I have been struggling with my dreams, my actions, and whatnot, and what I have noticed is that what I oftentimes do when I hit a roadblock is rather than take it to the Father to solve the problem, I check online, look for a book, an app, or something that’s centered on that issue. Honestly, on my Google play store I must have downloaded a million different planners and routine trackers, and I keep doing so and deleting and re-downloading them because they end up not serving the purpose. I go on to the next app and the next til I give up.

In the past few weeks, I have slacked in my bible study because of work. I usually dive into the word every morning but tried studying in the evening. That didn’t work either til I went days without studying the word. This ate at me for a while, and I went on with the habit of looking for an app or note or book that could help me tackle this issue. Don’t get me wrong, these apps are great, and keeping a habit tracker is great, but not when that is your first option. To grow as a Christian, you must be consistent, you need a routine, and having an app to remind you is great. But don’t let that take priority over first asking God to help you. And it came to me: “you have not, because you ask not,” and that was it. The principle of asking. All I tried earlier was doing — I only wanted to do, to get the study done rather than taking the issue to the Father to help out. I sought other means to tackle the problem.

The word says in Matthew 7 that we should ask and it shall be given unto us. It’s like how people say give and take, or how chips go with ketchup or mayonnaise or both, or ice cream with rainbow sprinkles — that’s how merged the idea of asking and receiving is for God. It’s funny because God clearly knows our needs — He obviously saw that I needed help with my routine, but the thing is, he wanted me to ask for it.

God understands our every need, but he wants us to invite him to take care of them. He wants us to show that we want him, that we need him to take care of them, and for him to cover the situation.

The word says that as we have said unto God so will he do unto us (Numbers 14:28). We have to speak it, we have to make the request known, we have to specify what we want in order for him to take action. It’s like granting God permission to help us. Take for instance if I were stuck out in the rain, and an approaching car stopped by. It’s quite obvious to the person behind the wheel that I clearly need a ride, but in order for him to help me, he asks, “do you need a lift?” It’s obvious I’m in a tight spot, but there’s still a certain level of permission that is required in order for the person on the giving end to actually take action. And the same principle works with God: we must ask, we must make the request known to God, we must converse with him and tell him what we need. It’s only then that he can take action by our asking, and it’s only then that we will receive. He knows when we are out in the cold, but he doesn’t want to intrude unless we give him the go-ahead to interfere and do something. And the best part is, there’s no limit to what we can ask of God. I know a person who asked God for the colour she should paint her room! I asked for God to help me with my daily routine, and he sure did.

The first step to receiving is asking and backing it up with faith, knowing well that he will listen, never forgetting that faith as tiny as a mustard seed can move mountains.

So right now and in the future, I will no longer look for alternatives for my issues without first consulting the one who doesn’t need even a second to take action. I still keep planners and routine trackers (at least until I’ll no longer need them), but while still storing my daily routine in order to have my day organized, I still present the issues to God. Yours may not be about your daily routine — it may be with how to smile more, or to show love, say nice words, get work done on time, or about laziness, procrastination, and so on. Whatever the issue might be, before consulting any other alternative, first ask God to intervene.

With Love,


Jumoke Ademola is a 19-year-old Nigerian. She is a third-year law student at Bowen University in Nigeria. She is a faith and lifestyle blogger and the writer behind Memos with Love. She is a lover of God, and loves sharing her belief with others. She is a worshipper of God. When Jumoke is not being a blogger or a student, she is behind her laptop screen doing either of these three things: typing, watching tv series she missed out on, or listening to music.

Read more of Jumoke’s posts on her website, and follow her on social media:

Instagram: @jumii_ee

Twitter: am_jumoke

Thank you for sharing your gift with us on New Day, Jumoke!

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