cling conference: “choosing a lifestyle of intimacy w/God”

You shall follow the Lord your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him. Deut. 13:4 NAS


I didn’t wait. When Kim Cash Tate announced that Cling Conference was on the books? Yes ma’am! I registered right quick! I knew it would be a gathering I didn’t want to miss. I read, prayed, and studied to prepare, and I was not disappointed. Not only did God meet us there, He tarried. He graced us with Himself through worship, praise, fellowship, and certainly through the Word as delivered by Kim and guest Chrystal Evans Hurst. Phenomenal is all I can say.

These don’t do the actual experience justice, but here are a few highlights…


The conference was based on Kim’s book, Cling: Choosing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God. The small word has been part of her journey for quite some time, as it came to life to her after reading it in Deuteronomy 13:4. As a lifestyle, clinging is born out of being in relationship with God, out of His plan for love and intimacy with us. Kim shared:

When we cling to God, we’re gonna look a little different, and we have to be OK with that! God’s approval is all that matters.

How well do we want to walk with God, to cling to Him? We should study the Word regularly, talk to God regularly, and make the decision to want to walk closely with Him!

What would the fearless you look like as you cling to God? “Do it afraid” has become a popular notion, but the Word is clear in the command that we’re NOT to fear! Don’t carry out your God-assignments afraid, but obey God, know Him, and believe Him for all of your walk! Do it fearlessly!



Such a blessing to finally meet in person!



Chrystal Evans Hurst helped us understand what God has packed us with as she challenged us to think about the things that set our souls on fire that we’re not stoking. Are we like Moses in Exodus 3, questioning God in our callings over this and that, not trusting the light we have? We often over-value what we’re not, and under-value what we are. We won’t finish the next step because we can’t finish the current step! The longer we wrestle with God, the longer we rest in disobedience (back to Kim’s point on obeying so that we cling/walk fearlessly… see how God put all that together?!). What is God asking us to do the way He wants us to do it?!


All smiles from Chrystal and me at Cling!



God-filled, God-anointed, God-appointed. New friends, new sisters, new love. My heart and spirit are still full from the amazing experience at Cling. That’s what being with God should do to you. He’s so faithful…

To follow Kim on social and for details on how to purchase Cling: Choosing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God and other books (the one pictured above is from her Promises of God series), visit To order She’s Still There, the latest by Chrystal Evans Hurst, and to share in her faith journey, visit

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