happy Mother’s Day to the “almost moms”

Ohhh, I’ve shared my story of miscarriage and the journey through that season many a time here on New Day. (If you’re tired of it, move on to another post.) But this year for Mother’s Day, I wanted to share it again, and remember others who’ve lost children through miscarriage, and those who, for whatever cause, remain childless and unable to bear children of their own.

Mother’s Day can be especially hard for those of us who fall into either category, but we are loved and cherished nonetheless! There’s nothing about us or our “condition” to suggest we’re less than; on the contrary, we’re blessed and highly favored. We just have to hear God saying that to us, and He will, over and over. He reminded me during my trial that it really wasn’t about me, anyway. It’s all about Him, all to glorify Him, even in “my” loss and hurt. I’m so thankful God ministered to me in such a way during those hard months when I was sick and pregnant, then suddenly not pregnant, then faced with the decision to undergo hysterectomy, ending my chances to conceive, even in my 40s. And I let Him minister. It was the best hardest time I’ve faced. Read the full story and all the lessons learned in this post: When God Says.

Count it all joy, says the Word in James 1:2-3, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. (ESV)

Almost moms, embrace the blessing of steadfastness this Mother’s Day. May God be the life you’ve always been in search of…

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