the time has come

For I know the plans I have for you… Jeremiah 29:11

There have been some hard days this year. Thinking back over 2017, I’m reminded of family members seemingly gone too soon, work busyness, loss of friendships, and seeing loved ones struggle through difficulty.

But ohh when I think things over! My good days outweigh my bad days, so I won’t complain. Thank You, Lord, for love, peace, answered prayer, and Your faithfulness; for a roof over my head, true friends, new experiences, life, health, and strength.

I want to focus on one of the words I just lifted above: faithfulness. God has kept His promise to me to give me life in abundance. He has taught me through His Word, and despite my shortcomings, keeps calling me to be His. And He has called me to be His…

On the morning of August 24, before my feet even touched the floor for the day, I sensed that call as I never had before. I knew there was more. There was a desire beyond just living it for my own soul’s sake. I needed to mirror it and be it. I needed to start telling it. The time had come. The time has come. He knows what He has in store for me.

That’s what God is calling all of us to: to be His. When He knocks, open. Receive and be changed. Do the right things. Do good things. Serve. Give. Become.

“Study first to be whatever (judiciously) you desire to seem. Desire a thousand times more to be godly, than to seem so; and to be liberal, than to be thought so; and to be blameless from every secret or presumptuous sin, than to be esteemed such. And when you feel a desire to be accounted good, let it make you think how much more necessary and desirable it is to be good indeed. To be godly, is to be an heir of heaven: your salvation followeth it. But to be esteemed godly is of little profit to you.” (From Richard Baxter’s Christian Directory, Part 1, Chapter 4, part 3, as shared in Desiring God, What Really Matters in 2017.

I’m not proclaiming myself to be a preacher. There will be no “trial sermon,” lest the Lord says. But I do promise to study, to guide, to encourage and be a light. Not for likes, comments, followers, or me. All for Him. We can win this thing together.

2018 is it, friends. Let’s make it do.

6 Replies to “the time has come”

  1. I love you to life!!! Thank you for the encouragement. For it has truly been a hard year. But God still has work for me to do! And I’ll serve Him, I’ll trust Him,I’ll praise Him as long as He allows!! Hugs Munchie❤

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