live. better.

This is the day the Lord has made… Psalm 118:24

I look cute in my picture in the graphic below, amen? Grinnin’ as far as the east is from the west… The pic was taken by a colleague on March 16, my 45th birthday. FORTY-FIVE?!?! Yep. Can’t get away from that one! And frankly, I wouldn’t want to…

I wrote about showin’ up at 45 (read that post here), and this week’s post is a little bit of a continuation of that, just sharing more of where I wish to grow to at this stage in my life. With the second half of the year now underway, I pledge to live simply, one day at a time, in His grace.

I will live simply by living with less of what keeps me distracted and with more of what keeps me God-focused.

Victory is the blessing I’ll gain by living one day at a time. With trust in God, I know I can face each day’s ordered path. I am more than a conqueror.

Grace embraced will yield strength and His love expressed as the spirit within lives and thrives. So thankful for its gift.

To be stronger, loved, and called His – what better way to live. Better.

What’s YOUR pledge? Make it plain!


10 Replies to “live. better.”

  1. I’ve decided to live simply and loving my family, with forgiveness even when I’m hurt! I’ve found in my 57 years it’s those who are closer to you who are often seems more apt to say whatever they wish to hurt without recourse! At this point I’ll just disregard, because my life is fleeting and I don’t need to worry about insignificant things! I love you all, we’re going to all get alone and take care of one another!

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