Rejoice… pray… give thanks… 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Every now and then I feel like something a little different here on New Day, so

Here’s three of what I’m up to this spring:

On the plane. My husband and I are literally currently enjoying our first travel adventure of the season in beautiful Miami. Been wanting to get here for a while. Worth the wait!

Bookshelf. Still in Cling by Kim Cash Tate. Getting some good food on developing a lifestyle of intimacy with God… If you’re at a place in your faith journey where you’re craving the same (and I was), then grab a copy.


In life. Posted this recently on Instagram: “Currently thriving in simple living. It’s the path I’ve chosen and really the path I feel I’ve been called to. Each TODAY I strive to reflect practically what’s in my heart – in my spaces, my work, and experiences. Busyness is long gone – focus and growth are in order.” More on my simple living journey in another post. Goes with the verse above…

Where YOU been? What are YOUR three for spring so far?

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