28 days to share the love

The greatest of these… 1 Corinthians 13:13

February brings to mind a few highlights: Black History Month, winter at its peak, and personally, birthdays for my two favorite sisters.

And then there’s Valentine’s Day. Not a bad idea to focus on love for a day. But let’s not limit it to the 14th…

How about sharing some love the whole month? One love focus for each day. Love should be the motivation behind all our decisions and actions. You can decide not to drink and drive, for instance, and let love be the reason (think about it). And let’s carve out time for some self-love also and ready ourselves for the days ahead.

So, here’s MY take on ways to share and appreciate our greatest gift…

Try smiling for God’s sake. May as well start things off right. Your smile could be all the love someone receives in a day. | In as loud a voice as possible, TELL someone you love them! And don’t wait til the 14th when you might be faking it. | Kick an old habit up OVER the curb! Bout time you respected yourself a little more. That’s self-love, e.g. | Drop off some goods to your local soup kitchen or shelter. Help somebody along the way. | Got a friend in need of a confidence boost? By all means, tell them they ARE good enough! | Learn to say NO. Girlfriend, much as you want to think so, you ain’t Superwoman.

Treat a friend to a night out. Let them know you appreciate them. | But on that night out, don’t drink and drive. (I said that above.) | Don’t text and drive. Can’t believe there are people still STUPID enough to text while driving 79 down the highway. Yeh, I said stupid. | Eat more healthy foods and get some exercise. Take care of self so you can love and serve others. | Volunteer and give back to your community. If you’ve got time to party, you’ve got time to give. Giving is the essence of love. | Take a meal to someone ill or homebound. | Don’t judge others. | Say thank you.

14 to start us, 14 more next time… You got any to add to the list? Let’s hear ’em!

4 Replies to “28 days to share the love”

  1. Awwwwwwww thanks for the shout out! 😊I have already started my self love by joining the gym last week! And I have actually gone every day! Will work on of the other 14 this week! Great blog Munch! 😌

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