set the tone

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬

If you’re like me and can claim partial OCD when it comes to being organized, then planners, calendars, notebooks, etc., are like heaven to you. Each morning after I’ve prayed and read, I take a look at my appointments and to-dos for the day and hope for 12 or so hours of productivity. Some days I make it and some I don’t. Can’t quite keep focus on meeting to plan an event when the phone rings as you’re getting dressed and the person on the other end delivers devastating news…

Like many of you, I’ve got some goals set for 2017 – 45th birthday, travel, enjoying celebrating friendships, personal and spiritual growth, learning more in my field, and certainly for keeping this blog space going. Nothing wrong with goal-setting and mapping out a schedule for the day-to-day, particularly if you have kids and a busy career. Absolutely necessary, I think we could all agree.

But plans we make for the new year and even our daily lists amount to naught if there isn’t the right start…

Did you catch it above where I mentioned what I do before I check my calendar? I pray and I take a dose of the Word. Before my feet hit the floor, I dive in and start the day with the One who started it anyway. Get a little God in ya, I tell myself.

Set the tone for yourself for 2017, for each new day the Lord blesses you to see. Give Him the firstfruits of your day and stay in a place of worship throughout. I’m not guaranteeing a day without challenges, not even a day when you won’t fail. But I tell you this and can attest: a day started in the Lord is a day grounded in the Lord. You wouldn’t want to be without Him and having thought of Him, particularly in those challenging and hard times.

Whatever planner or scheduling tool you use, be sure there’s time made for you and God. Put Him at the front of the day, and He’ll be with you at the end.

Does your morning routine include time in God’s Word? If not, let’s fix that…

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