12/23 answered prayer

God makes everything come out right… Psalm 103:6 MSG

I intended to cross this year off in heavy black permanent marker. One thing after another after another, seems it was. I was ready for 2017 on January 2 of this year. Yeh, it’s been rough.

I’d make a list here of all that’s made this year rough, but you all know. You’ve seen it unfold just as I have. Seems like every other day something was happening. I could also insert a list of things of a more personal nature that have made this year rough, but I won’t do that. Present for it all. And I’m sure you have a list of your own.

But through it all, God has seen, heard, and answered. He brought me through every single day. When I turned to Him in search of peace in the midst of turmoil, He sent it. When I cried to Him for love, given. As I prayed each day for strength, He was there.

Gave what I needed.

Sent away what I didn’t.

Taught me the joy and and value of seeking His face daily.

I encourage you to stay focused and committed to living life in the faith lane. It’s time to put away the childish and self-centered ways we bring upon us. It’s time to make things right and live to His glory. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BE EXCELLENT. Not of yourself, but in the steadfast hands of the Lord.

In a recent post, Christian author Kim Cash Tate wrote of the year thusly:

“[He] showed me His hand at work over the course of this year and how it amounted to DELIVERANCE. He is such an amazing God. By His strong right hand, He will bring you OUT. And let me tell you… whether in an instant or over time, it’s the same mighty power!”

With God first, we have nothing to fear in 2017. Let’s make each new day count!

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