10/21 poetry corner

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’ John‬ ‭7:38‬ ‭ESV‬

Here are a couple of poems I wrote and published in PRAISE!Magazine, my first free-writing venture. Enjoy…


Today is life,
Today is love,
Today is a gift.

Today I will celebrate
the gifts of today,
and will keep the Giver of all
as my focus.
For in all my days,
and in all of my times,
and in all of my seasons,
He’s been there.
Haven’t always given Him beauty to behold,
But He has remained –
With something for me to see,
With a lesson for me to learn,
With space for me to grow.

He’s put me in new places,
With new people,
With new things to think about.
And I haven’t understood it all,
And I haven’t wanted it all,
And I’ve struggled –
Trying to figure it all out,
Trying to tie it all together.

But the Lord has said,
This is the day that I have made –
Rejoice! Be glad in it!

Cherish today.
Cherish the life,
the love,
the gift,
the Giver.
Don’t struggle – let go.
It won’t make sense anyway.
Just trust God,
And believe what’s in your heart,
For in the end, what’s right will speak.

JC’s Girl

Don’t need to look at you anymore.
Don’t want to be you,
Don’t want to be like you.
I’m declaring myself free of you,
For I am JC’s girl.

You will not keep me bound.
Your services are no longer needed.
You don’t scare me anymore,
I am not threatened by you.

I am confident in my own walk,
Sure of who I am –
JC’s girl.

Never thought I could live without you.
I thought you were something extra special.
The world around me had its eye on you,
So I needed my eye on you, too.
And I needed you to accept me.
But not anymore.
And though you want me to need you…
Well, I don’t. Not today.
I hope you’re not offended.

Here are your walking papers.
You may take them and leave.
There’s no room in this inn for you.
JC’s Girl

Any other poets out there? 

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