Summer Graces

To every thing there is a season… Eccles. 3:1 KJV

If you’re like me and not much of a cold weather person, the excitement for January’s start can quickly fade once the heart and harshness of winter settle in around us. Though I love hot chocolate, a good bowl of chili, and being wrapped in my favorite blanket in my favorite spot on the couch, I have to be honest: summer can’t arrive soon enough! My bones yearn for sunshine and the graces of a new season – hurry, please!

Well, winter’s grey has left us, and spring has birthed a new set of days with promises for life to abound. Summer is here!

I do enjoy summer’s opportunity for spontaneity, but like you, I do make some semblance of a plan so as to get the most out of the season’s days (because winter WILL return, right?). Here’s my list of what I’m looking forward to!

Thankful just to be able to start again, to welcome the new!

My “shetreat.” No, husband, you ain’t going, sisters, friends, nobody! Just me and God. I’m headed to beautiful Charleston SC this year, and can’t wait to partake of my favorites.

Outside of Charleston, I don’t have plans for a lot of other travel, but an extra beach trip is always in order. I can sit and look at the ocean all day…

What’s summer without a book or two? Hope to dig into Fervent by Priscilla Shirer, Grace from Max Lucado, and maybe something fun and totally random. Any suggestions?

I’m glad to be able to give and help someone else along. Looking forward to volunteering this summer at a local charity that’s doing great work for those in need in the Triangle NC area.

Time spent with family and friends is made extra special when you can cut up and just have some good ol’ fun. My family and I know how to do this quite well. Join us, won’t you?

Well, your turn! Tell me what’s on your summer’s horizon. Whatever you set out to do, be safe and enjoy!

4 Replies to “Summer Graces”

  1. A shetreat sounds divine. Praying I can get one of those soon. No big plans for the summer but the threenager asked to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge so we may take a drive up to Northern California to visit my mom and let the little one get her walk in 🙂

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  2. My summer will be spend recuperating from much needed foot surgery repair. I ask for your prayers for this upcoming Thursday for God to continue to guide and lead the surgical team. Thanking you in advance. Other than that; I plan on healing and relaxing after a very exhausting school year.

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