Faith of a Woman

For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. (Mark 5:28 KJV)

It is the belief that God is there, with her always. It is what keeps a smile on her face when times are hard. It’s the joy in her spirit when the world says she should worry. It is seeing it happen when no one else can or will. It is the size of a mustard seed, because that’s all it takes.

It is the faith of a woman – strong, hard, daring. Perfectly centered on her perfect God. Believing, seeing, knowing. How is faith achieved? How does one have faith? Have you ever met one of those women of God and witnessed the faith she has?

I believe faith is a gift. It is given of the same God to which it is aimed. He bestows it in a willing vessel for His glory and for others to behold. If received and used by the vessel, it is a powerful force, capable of moving mountains, opening and closing doors, making ways out of no ways.

The woman in Mark 5:28 had faith. She had no other choice. She was at the end of her rope; Jesus was her only option. Had been all along. Her faith brings her to Him. Or, to hem.

If I could only touch Him, she said. That will do it. That’s all I need. Just one touch. Her faith moved through Jesus so powerfully that He felt virtue leave Him. Where did it go? He had to know. He turned and saw a poor face. That’s where it went – to her.

I want to be that kind of woman, with that kind of faith. The faith that causes Jesus to stop in His tracks and look for me, to look at me, through me. To see it all. I want His love to heal me, save me, cover me, fill me. What a blessed way to live.

Nothing’s more beautiful than a woman with faith in her God – arms stretched out to hem, her first love.

Repost: New Day, May 2015

How have YOU demonstrated faith in God?


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