Resting and Reading: Best Blog Picks

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1 NIV


This is post two in my Spring Blogger Series here on New Day. I’m currently on medical leave due to surgery I had on March 3 (read what led to surgery in When GOD Says here), and with time dedicated to healing and recovering comes opportunity to enjoy good books, articles, and blog posts by some of my favorite writers. Here are a few of my best blog picks which I hope you’ll read and enjoy:

Kim Cash Tate, Did I mention I’m a fan of Kim’s? I discovered her on Twitter and through PeriSistersinChrist sometime last year, and I’ve been following ever since. Her posts on living through the Word have been great spiritual food for me. Her latest posts include When Time in the Word Seems Uneventful, A Social Media Heart Check, and A Mother, A Daughter & The Gospel, which I shared on New Day a few weeks ago.

NONSuperwoman NONSuperwoman, her social media handle, is co-founder of PeriSistersinChrist, a Periscope ministry for women scopers, along with Kim. NONSuperwoman’s posts focus on “words on faith, life & finding bliss ’round every bend.” My favorites posts as of late: 3 Blessings of Keeping a Prayer Notebook, Christian Women and the Insatiable Craving for Beyoncé, and The Slippery Slope of the Selfie Ministry.

Christa Hutchins Christa is the writer behind Do A New Thing, her ministry coaching and projects service. I’ve appreciated Christa’s tips on blogging, social media, and shared resources for us faith writers. If you’re a fellow faith blogger, I recommend checking out her site for some great tools!

And just a couple more to add to your reading list:

Heather Gillis,

Adrian Jessen,

Hope you find words of encouragement in these spaces!

What’s on your list for latest and best blog or book or article picks?

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