Shared Post: “Why Me?”


Greetings, New Day followers and readers! I trust your 2016 has had a blessed start, and that each day so far has brought renewed faith, hope, and love.

It’s MLK Jr. Day, a time to reflect on Dr. King’s many sacrifices aimed at making our society free for all. In our remembrances and various service efforts, let’s be thankful for his life’s work, and always uphold his great legacy.

In this first 2016 post here on New Day (and I’ll be honest: totally unplanned), I’m glad to share a post from thepearlsisters, a blog I follow and through which I find encouragement. “Why Me?” explores just that question – one that I’ve certainly asked of God, and perhaps you, too. The end of 2015 brought a season I never saw coming, but God’s grace kept me through it all, just as it did for Job, as explored in this post. As you continue through this first month of another new start, I pray these words give you courage to press on. Click on the “Source” link below to read the post.

Stay tuned for more from New Day. I’m thankful we can share and engage in a positive way.

Much Love,

Source: Why me?

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