Follow Your Dreams

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8 KJV

All this month here on New Day I’ve been sharing writing from a Christian magazine I published several years ago. It’s been fun to revisit the pages in PRAISE! where faith words first flowed. Continuing that venture now through this blog has been equally as fun and rewarding, and I thank you for following along.


Early on, the dream to write and share from a faith perspective was one I really never knew I had. Sure, I’ve loved words ever since I learned to write, but life has a way of expressing itself and showing you the particular path you are meant to take. When God planted that seed in me, I gave it space to grow and haven’t looked back. It’s a fire that, so far, hasn’t been put out.

I remember that fire being stirred in me through the words of author Terri McMillan in her acceptance speech at the 2002 Essence Awards. I recorded her words and shared them in the Fall 2002 edition of PRAISE!, hoping to stir up the gift in others, to encourage the following of dreams. I pray her words inspire you today…

“I write because it’s cheaper than therapy. I write because it gives me patience… Writing for me is like praying on paper. What I pray for is compassion and empathy, for insight, and writing helps me pay attention. It helps me worry about folks who I think deserve some. It allows me to at least try to understand our shortcomings and virtues as human beings… but also how they sometimes get misappropriated. I want to know why we do what we do, and why we’re always so surprised by the outcome.

“I also write because I want to be a better person – I want us all to be better. But I accept this award on behalf of all African-American writers whose goal is to help put a smile on a reader’s face, a fire in their minds, and hope in their hearts, because that’s all we have…”

God has placed a gift, a purpose within you. Seek His face to find the path for which you are destined.

PRAISE!Magazine was published from 1996-2003, ISSN 1520-4057.

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