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Each and every morning when I realize there’s still breath in my body, I give thanks for the blessing of life and the gift of a new day. The clock sounds at 6:00, and as soon as I can shake off sleep and the night’s dreams, I pray, acknowledge God, and the day begins. I review the calendar, release it to God, and aim to stay where His spirit leads. Though some days bring more to do than others, my goal is not to actually do, but to be.

One word that I have taken out of my vocabulary, in order to focus on being, is busy. It has become, seemingly, an all-too-common descriptor of our days, and even more sadly, of our lives…

What has happened to living that makes it so busy? What are we choosing to do with our lives that crowds out the important things, the things that matter? Friends, we’re not designed to take on the world. WE CAN’T DO EVERYTHING. Even in the Blogging 101 course I took, team leaders had to respond to fellow bloggers who found themselves “busy” and behind on the daily assignments.

Life requires balance. Whatever your current life path, you must MAKE time for the basics. You must make time for prayer and reflection. You should never be so busy at work that you don’t have time for lunch. Shut off the computer, put the pen down, and EAT. Your children don’t need to be involved in every extracurricular activity known to man. They need time for homework, and they need time with you – at dinner, enjoying a good book, movie, or even a talk.

Listen to your own life – what are you passionate about? What are you called to do? Then focus on that. Give, but only from the heart. Quality time with family and friends should be just that, QUALITY time, not rushed time.

I have a friend who often says she’s SUPER busy! Always on the run… I can’t imagine. Unsurprisingly, I don’t hear from her anymore.

Friends, let’s truly and finally stop the glorification of busy. It’s not healthy, and frankly, it’s not attractive. Take out what doesn’t belong, what’s “too small” for you now. Make space for the true things, the things that fit. At the end of the day, your body and spirit will thank you for it.

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalms 118:24 KJV)

How have you found and now practice BALANCE?

4 Replies to “Balance”

  1. This post contains EXACTLY what I have been needing to hear! I am continuing to shed the useless distractions in my life….which leaves my purpose even more clear. My days are becoming more simplified and fulfilling and I’m more content. Awesome post!…and great scripture!

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