Grateful Friday

imageLast week I wrote on 43 things for which I’m thankful, that have made life good, in celebration of my 43rd birthday. How truly blessed we always are! Here is another Grateful Friday offering:

March. Yes, again it’s my birthday month and anniversary month, which make it easy to say it’s my favorite, but it’s more than that. Anytime there’s a chance to celebrate anything – another year, another day – we should do just that. March also shows the first signs of spring, and our wait for Easter. And, there’s the fun and stress of March Madness! It’s just a month full of promise, renewal, transition, and the hope for better days.

Writing and sharing. I’m three months in with the blog! I’m so grateful for the words I’ve been given to share, and I pray you are being blessed by them. Though I received formal journalism training, and though I’m a previous founder, writer, and editor of a Christian magazine I published for seven years, I’m still learning and enjoy connecting with other bloggers, faith writers, and designers in the field. I’m excited about the She Speaks Conference, hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries, coming up in July, and for some design assistance, I’ll be taking an online course in Adobe Illustrator, hosted and taught by Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company.

Lazy weekends. Friends, I am a true homebody. I could stay in my house all day and read, watch movies, and eat good food. Give me a weekend when my favorite TV shows are on marathon, and I’m a happy camper. When there’s no housework to do, when the grocery shopping is done, and when I can wrap up in a warm blanket, it’s all the more special. When you have that chance to rest your mind, body and soul, take advantage. Find a quiet room and just be free from the week past, and worry-free of the week ahead.

Beautiful spirits. I received some very nice cards and happy wishes for my birthday. In my love for words, I appreciate sentiments when they ring true from the heart, ones expressed with care and purpose. Empty words are just that – they leave no impression and aren’t felt. For the beautiful spirits and hearts that have given kind words, that build instead of tear down, that make me smile on dreary days, I thank you.

As you reflect on your week, for what can you give thanks? Share in the comments below, and let’s spread the love!

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