43 Reasons Why Life Has Been Good

March 16 marked my 43rd birthday! So blessed to see this milestone, and it was one for me!image

It’s not Grateful Friday here on New Day, but I want to share 43 things for which I’m thankful, that have brought me from there to here, and that have made the journey worth it:




The gift of words and writing

March 15 – the day my Tony and I were married

Ratchford Road

School days


All the days that taught me hard life lessons

The realization of God’s presence in my life


Turning 30, because it marked the point when I truly began to focus on being me

The pages in my journals


The Golden Girls

Summer Fridays


The privilege to vote for the nation’s first black president – #BOPOTUS


Sweet potato pie

Genesis 1:1

John 3:16

Jeremiah 29:11


Tar Heel Nation


Sisters in Christ who’ve blessed my spirit in so many ways

PRAISE!Magazine, which I founded and published from 1996-2003




Max Lucado books


The touch of my grandmother’s hand as she was transitioning to Heaven

What was

What is

What is to come

The Word of God.

The Son of God.

The Spirit of God.

The Love of God.

Larry and Brenda who birthed me physically.

God the Founder, the Father, who birthed me spiritually, who called me to be His.

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