Grateful Friday

Today I’m giving thanks for:

Mornings. Well, once I get up. Morning is the start, the new, where we first meet God in the day. I like the feel of morning, the sounds, the brand new faith.

In the morningwhen I rise, give meJesus. (1)In case you’ve not noticed, starting the day in the Lord is important to me. It sets the tone for the day. You know where your Trust and Source are, no matter what comes. Each morning, each new day is a blessing. So embrace it.

Family. I love these people more and more. They keep me laughing, they support me, we trust, give, and love. At the end of the day, I know I CAN count on blood.

God’s guidance. I have seen firsthand over the past few weeks just how God will guide you in all life circumstances if you leave all in His hands. He will reveal His will directly through the Word, in prayer, and even through an old friend who walks into the same McDonald’s you’re in. Just keep praying and trusting and EXPECTING. You will see the hand of God move!

Lent. This is the season of knowing our Savior, of remembering His life and sacrifice, and seeing in His light our sins which once kept us in darkness. It’s a season of extreme focus and repentance as we race to the joy of the empty tomb. I pray that you also are thankful for this time, and that you see Jesus anew all over again.

What are YOU grateful for? Share your experiences and testimonies in the comments!

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