GrateFul Friday

It’s a GrateFul Friday! Here are a few things on my grateful list today!

This blog! Glad to be part of a community of talented writers and creators, thankful that I can share faith and inspiration through the printed word.

Peace. In a world where there is so much unrest, I’m glad for peace in my heart and spirit. When God gives it to you, there’s no beating it!

Winter. I don’t like being cold AT ALL. But there’s something about the quiet and stillness of this season that I’m learning to appreciate. Life slows a little, and I think we need that sometimes. Plus there’s hot chocolate and the bowls of soup and chili to enjoy…

Girl Scout Cookies! Just bought four boxes at church Sunday. I’m happy now…

So much more I could add to this list, which is the point, right?! What are YOU grateful for?

5 Replies to “GrateFul Friday”

  1. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful that my husband went to babysit our grandsons and left me home, so I can read blogs. I know my priorities are a little out of whack today. But, sometimes, I need some time to myself, so I am grateful for the moments I get. I am grateful for God’s saving grace, but I rarely talk about my faith on my blog. I do wish I had some of those Girl Scout cookies. 🙂 I haven’t checked it out, but I heard they were going to start selling them online.

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