Then There Were Five…

They are 11, five, and three, and are the heart and soul and joy of our family. They are smart and wise in their own merits, and however they understand love, they give it fully and unconditionally.

On my husband’s side are two others, one little girl who runs the household, and one BIG one, in college, learning about life and the tough decisions it often brings. Plus, well, being bossed by his little sister.

These nieces and nephews are the joys of our lives. My husband and I don’t have children of our own, and we are more than blessed to have these young people to play with. They are my dream readers of this blog. Some day, I’d like for them to read these words and realize their purpose. I’d like for them to know how much life and gift they have within themselves, and the Source from which they came. I want them to say, Hey, Aunt Melchee encouraged us to seek faith, to grow in spirit, to be grateful for each new day.

There’s nothing like experiencing life with children. They truly know how to live in the moment. Above all, I hope they never lose that.

The niece I mentioned above, the one in charge of her mother and father and big brother? Watch out. Try to mess up her living in the moment and she’ll get after you with a flyswatter…

(Blogging101 Post: My Dream Reader)

18 Replies to “Then There Were Five…”

  1. Children are so much fun. We have two grandsons and even though they are 16 and 18 we still have so much fun with them. They like being around us and we love having them around us. We enjoyed Christmas so much as I am sure you did. Thank you for sharing.


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