Who I Am and Why I’m Here

When I was in kindergarten, during paint time, I would draw the ABCs instead of a nice flower or tree my classmates drew. In the summer months at my grandmother’s house, I would often find a recipe in a magazine, copy it, and give it to my granny as a letter. (She saved a few of those letters, my favorite of which is in the first photo below. As you can see, I had an ulterior motive.) Lastly, through my grade school years, English was my favorite subject.

I’m thankful for the gift of being able to enjoy words and books and writing as an adult. I’ve self-published, but honestly never thought about blogging until late last year. I’m glad to join this forum with the hopes of sharing faith and inspiration.

My name is Melchee Johnson, and I’m a lover of words. My fortune cookie fortune from December 22, opened 10 days before the launch of my New Day blog, says so.

(Blogging101 Post: Introduction)



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